Wednesday, April 17th, 2019 01:34 pm

Who is the Real You when all the distractions, fears, and “shoulda/coulda/woulda” factors of life are stripped away?

Do you know?

Would you like to find out?

The “essence conversation” is one of my favorite coaching tools. It’s a roughly hour-and-a-half conversation that distills your true core, your essence, to five guiding concepts. Sometimes I find that people are afraid of what they might find out… but in practice I have never once had a client discover that they were anything but amazing.

By the end of the process, we come up with five words that describe your real self. (Why five? No magic secret, just that people are generally too complex for fewer than that, and more than that creates mental clutter.) Everyone’s words are different. My essence words, as distilled by my own coach using this same tool, are:

  • exuberance

  • play

  • trust

  • connection

  • heart

When I’m stuck trying to make a decision, or working on a difficult problem, or even just feel like something is “off,” I return to my essence to help me choose what to do. I also find, when things are not working, that I’ve probably been choosing from ego or survival mechanism instead of essence — but that’s a topic for another post.

I’ve done dozens of essence conversations, and it’s always amazing. It’s where I like to start the coaching process, to create a powerful foundation for success. I also don’t charge for essence conversations, so if you’d like a taste of coaching and learn the power it can bring to your life, it’s a great way to get your feet wet. E-mail me today to schedule a call!

Tuesday, April 16th, 2019 07:35 pm
Hello all,

When I was in single digits as a child (which was a LONG time ago as I am 35), I read a book in my school library which was about a hero on another planet (I believe it may have been Mars but I can't be certain). I can not remember this hero's name. He was a martial artist and I believe he had some sort of an animal companion.

I believe he was human, but was hiding from (and often getting into fights with) alien soldiers. It was a central detail that the main thing this character had going for him was his super human abilities with martial arts (but a made up/alien variety). Somewhere amongst the early chapters of the book, there were a few fight scenes in underground tunnels.

On the old copy of the book I was reading there was an illustration of some sort of hollow Iron Suit; maybe some sort of armor. I believe the name of the book was even some sort of reference to an iron suit, iron man, red suit, martian suit, hollow man etc. Problem is that whenever I search anything similar I just find 100's of Marvel references, to which this book was unconnected.

I would love to find out what this book was called as I loved it as a child and would even quite like to pass it on to my kids, if only I could remember what is was called. Any help would be much appreciated!

In summary:
About 30 years ago.
Childrens SciFi,
Strong emphasis on Martial Arts (but made up),
Another planet,
Underground Tunnels
Possibly Aliens, an alien army or alien soldiers,
References to some sort of suit of armor, possibly made of Iron.

Many thanks!
Monday, April 15th, 2019 01:30 pm

Welcome to the new digs! I recently completed working with Braid Creative to bring together twenty years of writing, comics, and coaching under one banner, and I am very pleased with the results.

Which makes all the more ridiculous the drama I had to push myself through to get to it. >.>

Because Braid is a professional agency, they charge Professional Agency Prices — prices that set off my survival mechanism big time when they were first quoted to me. I had seen their work and I knew that they were who I wanted but… y’know… money scary. First I put off contacting them at all. Then I contacted them and backed out in a panic two weeks later when I had a slow clients month.

And then I noticed: backing out of getting the branding overhaul that I knew I wanted, made getting clients harder instead of easier. I had effectively told myself and the Universe that I wasn’t worth the investment, and if I didn’t believe I was, why should a potential client? From there, it was just a nudge away from going into a tailspin of suck, resignation, and beating myself up.

I am pleased to report, dear reader, that I didn’t go into that tailspin… but it was a near thing. Basically it took the support of my own coach, my other coachy friends, and a certain amount of mule-headed stubbornness to decide that no, I wanted to invest in myself, and especially that I was worth investing in. So after what felt like a year but was more like three or four days and angst about it, I found the money, put it in my business account so I wouldn’t use it for anything else, and called the agency to say “Let’s do this thing.”

Now the good news? I’m actually glad the delay happened, because in the intervening time I also had some major breakthroughs around figuring out what I actually wanted from my brand. Where I had originally just planned to create a look and feel for, I realized that this was a great opportunity to create an integrated new me — which is in fact Braid’s specialty. If I hadn’t had my little freakout, I would have been wasting their integration expertise by just telling part of the story.

So be grateful for your breakdowns! They may just be leading you to better things in the end!

Friday, April 12th, 2019 09:26 pm
So a while back I posted about playing Star Con Origins and I haven't touched it too much since then, but I finally went into it and did another few hours. Mostly SCO tends to be boring, more than anything, but it has done some things which made me very upset. For ease of watch I went and split up the days into highlights, so if you're looking for a specific reaction to a moment, this should be an easier way to find it, since is sort of weird about listing all videos.

First day
Second day
Third day

A full day is about four hours, so here are the highlights.

First day...

connor detroit has really let himself go *
ur-quan knockoffs *
death to all tywom *
if only
squids *
thraddash knockoffs *
u havin a laff mate
these b-list aliens did not earn animated portraits
saved games
too hot
more b-list aliens
fetch quests
just straightup the arilou * (i get mad about this)
fwiffo star = just a rainbow world

I put stars by the ones with major animated aliens and such. A lot of the aliens I've run into are just randomly generated forgettable dudes.

I also did a special supercut for this day of my reactions to the Tywom, who are terrible.

Second day...

forever loading
second starbase
i apparently bought an extra gun
counting your chickens before they hatch
aliens i literally forgot about until just now
another forgettable mook alien
the most blatant melnorme ripoff (i also get mad about this)
third starbase
unspeakably lazy aliens
plush toys from the 80s *
jeff is almost as bored as i am *
a third string star wars character *
another randomly generated alien
gone hunting
fourth starbase, another random mook
technology is evil!!!!!! *
the opposite of a twist *
i am diseased

Third day!

obviously a trap
fond ideas
cuddle drive?!?!
plot twist theories
menkmack diss
best we could do
mining thoughts
the game crashes
the scryve suck
the measured are brain coral *
free sandals. trandals. *
the worst thing this game has done so far (this made me REALLY mad)
this chmmr ripoff is too good to talk to me
mycon ripoffs
two different ships have the same gun
i'm a chemist
here's your solution. just kidding!
allied with the squids, finally accomplished something
toy aliens barely given a second thought

There weren't a lot of long highlights for this one cause not a lot happened this run... mostly just mining and exploring, which didn't make for exciting commentary, really. I did get some upgrades for my ship finally which should make it easier to get around quickly.

Anyway, I do want to finish this game or at least see all the races, so don't spoil it for me please if you've actually played it, haha. I want to write up some in-depth thoughts when I'm done with it... but for now these'll work.
Thursday, April 11th, 2019 08:00 pm
So I did some experiments lately with printing some bits of art to see how they came out, and I learned quite a bit! As a result though I have some little mini-prints left over, so if you want some, now you can get them!

Right now I'm charging shipping and 2 dollars for a little print, and 3 for a large one. You can email me with prints somewhere in the subject line and we can work out the details! I got Paypal all sorted so I can use that now so it should be relatively painless, haha. They're nice glossy pics on photo paper and they're mostly small little things, like 4x6 inches.

Pictures and more info under the cut )
Wednesday, April 10th, 2019 04:51 pm
Okay, on some further experimentation, it looks like the issue is happening somewhere during the crossposting procress from here to LJ. I can post images on LJ just fine if I do it directly, but when I crosspost one from an entry on DW to LJ, something gets jumbled up along the way, I think. I submitted a support request to DW about it, so hopefully this mystery will get solved sooner or later.
Monday, April 8th, 2019 07:02 pm
I sent in a support request to LJ, we'll see how it goes.

I actually forgot some of the blown-up images from the last entry! So here are a few more, why not, haha. Little trip down memory lane.

Mostly Valve related )